About Teleplaza

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What is Teleplaza?

  • Teleplaza aims to connect faculty from colleges in the US who are interested in organizing telecollaborative projects for undergraduate heritage Spanish and/or Latino Studies courses.

What is telecollaboration?

  • Telecollaboration (TC) is “the application of online communication tools to bring together classes of language learners in geographically distant locations to develop their foreign language skills and intercultural competence through collaborative tasks and project work” (Robert O’Dowd, 2011).

Why is telecollaboration beneficial?

  • It supports development of intercultural competence and linguistic proficiency through exposure
    to content and ideas generated by speakers from diverse linguistic communities.
  • It promotes discussion of language and identity across linguistic communities.
  • It exposes students to linguistic diversity, raising awareness about issues of language variety
    through personal contact.
  • It encourages discussion of issues relevant to U.S. Latinxs across regional and national-origin